The Moment

Pollution from internal combustion engine (ICE) automobiles pose a critical threat to public health, the planet and profits. This is a moment in history that demands humanity adopt a rapid transition to electric vehicles. Volty presents an opportunity to lead the conversation around the global multi-trillion dollar electric vehicle market by articulating it’s economic, social, personal and environmental benefits for all.

The Movement

Global interest and enthusiasm for electric vehicles has been on a meteoric rise since Tesla Motors showed the world that EV’s can be fun, sleek and most of all practical. Volty aims to nurture and foster a virtuous cycle of awareness, desire and demand by providing consumers with a one-stop destination for all content and information about EV’s.

The Machines

Electric vehicles are the best the automobile industry has to offer. They are quick, powerful and getting more affordable. The future of transportation is electric. With more affordable makes and models arriving on the market, and the rapid proliferation of charging stations, it’s only a matter to time before electric vehicles are the majority and not the minority on our roads.